1. Two Christians on the High Street had divine appointments, with great blessings, including the healing of Arthritis in the knee of a woman. One of the represented church fellowships are following her up. They exchanged phone numbers and she is keen to get involved.

2. I was out today in the Market Square with other leaders praying for people. I had an appointment to meet with a young woman who asked for prayer on Saturday’s Healing on the Streets and returned today to meet with me. She had one leg longer than the other and her hips were misaligned following a reconstruction operation after an accident some 6 years ago.

3. The clue is the word “had” – she’s walked away with her legs the same length and her hips much more even than they were. I confess I’d gone to the appointment in trepidation rather than abundant faith. I’m bowled over with how Father shows His love.”