One lady who has been suffering from arthritis for many years got into a conversation about Jesus and hasn’t been to church for a long time. She was prayed for and the arthritis in her knees was so much better that she laughed for joy.  It was suggested it would be a good idea to go to Church, make new friends and thank the Creator of everything, Jesus.

Prayed for Gina for healing

Prayed for a man for healing who had palsy on the knee and for his heart.

Prayed a blessing for mother and baby

Prayed a blessing for Becky and child

Two young ladies Jaz & Sue, received prayer and enjoyed hearing about Jesus

A woman with an addiction of smoking was prayed for to be delivered from addiction.  Her children were taken away on the verge of divorcing.


A man from Bangladesh wanted to to more about Jesus Christ.

Woman searching and open to God.  She received prayer

Rob needing a job. He and his friend Luke heard the word and we prayed that God would do the rest.

Savika took a John’s gospel to read.

Roy said he will go to LICCI

Kelly is going to go to Mount Pleasant to find God.