Young homeless lady, addict is touched mightily by the Lord:  We went over to this young addict sitting outside Barclays Bank. She was in pain and having talked to her about the Lord we persuaded her to receive prayer.. After the prayer the transformation was amazing. Her pains were gone – the cravings had gone – her countenance changed and she commented on how good the experience had been!

Bulgarian Lady – with many questions in her heart – needs to meet Jesus on a personal level and find Him answering her questions and longings.

Jean – Has a broken heart, we prayed for her.

Louise – Wants more of God’s love, she was prayed for.

Henry and his Wife – Prayed for a blessing from God in their lives.

David – His faith has slipped so we prayed for a return to his faith and love for Jesus.

God shows up! Last Thursday, 1 March: It was snowing and bitterly cold. I had to turn up just in case a minister wanted to go out on the streets. I was in the chapel at All Saints on my own and praying to The Lord, telling Him I would go out for just 15 minutes to see what He wanted me to do and who He wanted me to meet. So I went. Then after 4-5 minutes I got a text from a minister who had never been out before, Father Oliver from All Saints saying he could make it today. The snow was drifting across the market square, so we walked into “Market Walk” covered shopping centre.  As we gave out the fliers we ‘accidentally’ met the Centre Manager who told us to put our fliers into their flier racks that are around this site. God’s in charge!  We went onto the Grosvenor Centre spoke a few people and prayed for a Catholic couple. I turned up reluctantly for 15 mins. He (our Saviour) turned it into one hour of splendour!

Prayed for Ray and Muriel – married for 50 years this year!

Students, Amy and Faye – prayed for them as they take their ‘mocks’.

Prayed for Jackie’s knee.

Prayed for Mum and infant – recently baptised at Mum’s church.

Blessing for Mum and Auntie.

An atheist took ‘Why Jesus?’ booklet after chatting to him.

Man from East Europe lost the Lord when he came to England 12 years ago.  Prayed that he would rediscover Jesus and find Him to be real in his life.  Prayed for the pain he had to go.

Prayed for a lady who believes there is something / somebody.  We prayed for her that God will reveal Himself to her.

Prayed for a lady whose husband had died and who had brought up two boys on her own and still goes to church.

Prayed for Marcia for exams and for a job.

Prayed for his pain to go and for finding the Lord again.

Prayed for Christian couple. Husband has high blood pressure and pressure behind the eyes that causes sight loss at times. Prayed for healing and protection.

Encouraged young man who had lost his job to go to Church with his fiance who goes to Elim.

Prayed for Stephanie, 13 year old who is deaf and lives in Milton Keynes.  Her mother goes to Church.

Blessed a couple in the Lord’s Name.

One lady who has been suffering from arthritis for many years got into a conversation about Jesus and hasn’t been to church for a long time. She was prayed for and the arthritis in her knees was so much better that she laughed for joy.  It was suggested it would be a good idea to go to Church, make new friends and thank the Creator of everything, Jesus.

Prayed for Gina for healing

Prayed for a man for healing who had palsy on the knee and for his heart.

Prayed a blessing for mother and baby

Prayed a blessing for Becky and child

Two young ladies Jaz & Sue, received prayer and enjoyed hearing about Jesus

A woman with an addiction of smoking was prayed for to be delivered from addiction.  Her children were taken away on the verge of divorcing.

A man from Bangladesh wanted to to more about Jesus Christ.

Woman searching and open to God.  She received prayer

Rob needing a job. He and his friend Luke heard the word and we prayed that God would do the rest.

Savika took a John’s gospel to read.

Roy said he will go to LICCI

Kelly is going to go to Mount Pleasant to find God.