1. Holy Spirit moves woman to tears when prayed for: A single mother was prayed for and tears flowed when we were praying for her.

2. Jacketa gave her life to Jesus – she prayed that He would come into her life and she would follow Him.

3.  Prayed for Helen for healing – she has pain all over her body.

4.  Witnessed to a lady about Jesus and told her of God’s love for her.

Ashley and his wife were prayed for to find the Living Son of God – they were hungry for God and want to explore more.  They want their child blessed at Church

Indian man will pray a prayer to Jesus at home

Prayed for a lady and led her to the Lord and will continue to disciple her.

A young man gave his life to Jesus and will be calling on one of the Churches near too where he lives.

Young man gave his life to Jesus and received prayer – suffers from depression.  Took a John’s gospel away with him to begin reading it.

Man with JW background and also quite damaged inside has now turned away from any faith.  Said he’s not ready to ask Jesus into his life but we prayed for him.

Tyler wanted to know more about Jesus and has agreed to start reading the Bible – John’s gospel.  He said once he’s really convinced then he will give his life to Christ.

Emmanuel – a seeker who knows about the Lord but wants to know Him. Prayed that we’d meet again.