Ministers Standing Together is a relational group of Church leaders from a variety of backgrounds and traditions that recognises, we are all serving as one part of Christ’s body in our town.  It was birthed out of a God given longing, to see Church leaders from different denominations working together and expressing the oneness of the Kingdom of God, together on the streets.

I am an evangelist and having begun Healing on the Streets in the Market Square in my home town on Saturday mornings and seen God answer many prayers and members from different denominations working together, my wife, a minister, suggested I gather the leaders of the Churches, whose members come out on Saturdays, to become part of The Team.

A day chosen by the leaders to go out and work together on the streets, speaking to people and praying for their needs.

We seek to bring the love of God to people and to bless them, praying for healing or whatever needs they may have.  If they show an interest in going to Church, we signpost them to the Church that may suit them and is near to where they live.