Meet Billy our latest convert! He was a man of another faith, who we’ve been sharing the Gospel with on and off for over a year now, outside the bars at Bora Bora. Quite a den of iniquity with drugs being sold openly, prostitutes touting for business and it’s actually opposite the police station! Billy washes cars for the punters and for as long as we’ve known him has had a painful septic skin disease on his legs. We pray for him each time we see him and each time he tells us his leg gets a little better! It wasn’t a miraculous instant healing but one leg is clear now praise God and the other is drying up.

We invited Billy to church a couple of weeks ago and he came. Afterwards I felt the Lord say to me “tell him how it is” so I said; Billy we’ve been sharing how much God loves you and has a purpose for your life for a year now and at some point you will have to make a decision as to whether you’re going to accept Jesus into your life. He said yes I know and I think now is the time. He got down on his knees, prayed an unprovoked and heartfelt prayer of repentance and told Jesus he needed Him in his life…hallelujah!.

Billy still needs practical help with somewhere to live as he’s sleeping rough with murderers and thieves at the moment but some of the men at church have taken him under their wing, are mentoring him and inviting him to fellowship with them. So God has put folk alongside to help him and angels are rejoicing over another lost soul saved for the Kingdom!