Hackleton Baptist Church Northampton


We are a small but powerful outreach church which is guided by the Holy Spirit and driven by Gods love of us all.

A William Carey Church.

William Carey (1761–1834) is almost certainly the most well-known missionary in Baptist history. Carey has been called the father of the modern missions movement in the English-speaking world because of his forty-plus years as a missionary in India and the role he played as a missions apologist.Hackleton Baptist Church www.hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk is one of Carey’s Churches

This legacy still continues today, we are a small congregation that packs a punch for Jesus.

The founder of Healing on the streets Northampton and taking other church leaders out to share God’s Love in the market square northampton Ministers Standing Together plus the founder of church on the streets northampton Chaplin Stan Roberts who is a Deacon of hackleton baptist church are all part of Hackleton Baptist church plus member of Healing Rooms Northampton.
People come and get changed by the Holy Spirit, you can come and hear testimonies yourself

The founder of Healing on the streets Northampton Healing On The Streets Northampton David goes out on the Streets in Northampton 3 Saturdays of the month being the 1st 2nd and 3rd saturdays. His home church is Hackleton Baptist Church www.hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk

The founder of Ministers Standing Together Home church is Hackleton Baptist Church http://www.hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk

Founder of Church On The Streets Northampton www.churchonthestreet.life Chaplin Stan Home church is Hackleton Baptist Church. http://www.hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk he is also a Deacon of Hackleton Baptist Church

The founders of FRONTLINE MINISTRIES http://www.frontlineministries.co.uk Mandy and Sue go to Hackleton Baptist Church www.hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk its their Home Church.

One of the congregation Tony is a School Pastor https://www.streetpastors.org/
His home church is www.hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk

2 Members of Healing Rooms Northampton https://healingrooms.com/index.php?src=local&l=EN1012 home church is Hackleton Baptist Church www.hackletonbaptistchurch.co.uk

There is a member who cooks for the homeless

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2 Chapel Ln, Hackleton, Northampton NN7 2AH


01604 706812

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